Chester Road

Location: Winsford, Cheshire​
Type: Residential Development
Stage: Complete

This site previously consisted of a bungalow that had been partially converted into two attached dormer bungalows but had been left for approximately a decade, in which the site was overrun by vegetation. At the point that our client (Warke Homes Limited) purchased the property it was in a significantly dilapidated state and subject to enforcement by the local authority for the original planned work to be completed within 12 months. Although initially consideration was given to completing the original conversion works, it was ultimately decided that the best solution for the site was to demolish the existing partially constructed properties and construct two new detached dormer bungalows on the site. The design of both properties stem from consideration of the local vernacular architecture, consisting of a primarily simple pitch roof form with brick walls and tiled roof. Large dormer windows were incorporated into the design to provide significant additions to the usable first floor area, as well as providing an infusion of natural daylight to the two bedrooms and bathroom at first floor. While at ground floor, to the front of the property there is an additional bathroom/cloakroom space along with a bedroom. While to the rear a large living space is included, along with a large open plan kitchen / living / dining space; both of which were opened up to the rear garden spaces. Both properties were designed to be adaptable dwellings with one being modified prior to completion for the purchaser, while the other sold shortly after completion and remained unaltered.
Aesthetically, the design provided a tactile and rich quality to the building, through careful selection of the bricks, tiles and in particular, the timber support post to the front porch along withstone sill and other details. In addition to the two new dwellings, a semidetached pair of single garages were also provided.